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“Jaw With John” – Guests Present But Not With A Present

“I recently celebrated my marriage with an amazing wedding! We had the best night of our lives, and so many guests told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

While enjoying reading cards and opening gifts, we were shocked to find 35 of our 140 guests did not leave a gift. We have racked our brains. Was the gift table too hard to find? Are they planning on sending a gift? Were some gifts stolen?

The probability of this is low as the area was secure and well-supervised. The table was a little tricky to spot, but the venue wasn’t that large.

We are honestly feeling hurt. As an aside, my husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves and many of our friends knew this.

Several people have suggested discussing this directly with the offending guests. This is a really tricky situation, but that number is so surprisingly high.

Any advice on how to approach this sticky situation? — Baffled Bride

Dear Baffled,

Speaking from experience, the last wedding I went to I didn’t bring a gift with me. I found the couples registry and then purchased it online and had it sent to them. Maybe that has happened with a few of your gifts.

As for the stolen bit…c’mon, be real here. This isn’t You’re The Worst (hilarious show btw). Gifts were not stolen.

Let’s face it, some people do not feel required to bring or purchase a gift for a new couple. They might want to just show up, get drunk, party, dance, etc. You need to accept this fact and move on. You didn’t get married for the stuff – unless you’re in it for your husbands stuff – HEY OH! (I’m Kidding). You two got married, and chose a public ceremony so that you could share your love with your close friends and relatives.


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“Jaw With John” – You’re Not Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson

Is it ever OK to attend a wedding ceremony if you’re not invited?

My daughter is a bridesmaid in the wedding of her best friend — both are now independent and live in distant places but the wedding will be in their hometown in the local church.

I have known this girl forever and we have always had a lovely “friend’s mom” relationship. The wedding celebration will be small and I’m not in the least put out by not being included on the guest list. I’m friendly with her parents (invited to graduations, discussed various issues, etc.) but we’re not friends in a social way.

However, I would love to go to the wedding itself. Is there any acceptable way to do this, or ask to do this? –Wedding Crasher

Dear Crasher:


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