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“Jaw With John” – Get Over It, Go Out With Somebody Else

*After taking some time off/being a bit lazy, I’m back in this*

I’m a 27-year-old female. I broke up with my boyfriend of seven years in March because he was caught texting a girl (she’d already been brought up in conversation as an issue for me) in a very non-platonic way, if you know what I mean.

I admit to being very jealous so I tried to give him space to have whatever friends he wanted, but I also believe there should be very clear boundaries with these “friends.”

Anyhow, even after the breakup we are still acting like we’re together. He spends nearly every night at my house, we still “do the do,” he gets jealous over other guys I’m talking to but when I say let’s try again, he tells me no. I honestly think he has someone (or several someones) else but with no proof — and the way he still treats me like he wants this, I can’t really walk away without knowing for sure. Any advice? — Confused

Dear Confused:

I don’t think you or your ex know what “break up” means or else this guy wouldn’t be over nearly every night.

And honestly, when you say “do the do” it reminds me of Mountain Dew and their “Do the Dew” slogan. I don’t think you want to be associated with that product that now goes by Mtn Dew because apparently spelling out M-o-u-n-t-a-i-n takes up too much space and time. But that’s neither here nor there.

It seems that both of you are Stacy from Wayne’s World:

Simple advice: cut the cord. You broke up, are you mental?


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“Jaw With John” – Sleep-Away Camp Isn’t like ‘Sleepaway Camp’

I’m almost 15 years old. My parents signed me up for a one-week sleep-away camp this summer. I am looking forward to this, except that I don’t like being away from home.

Ever since I was a kid, I have had high anxiety in new situations and I don’t like being away from home.

When I was 10, my parents sent me to this camp for the first time. I cried a lot the first few days but then started enjoying myself.

Now I am able to handle short trips away from home, but I worry about what will happen at camp.

This time, I have my younger sister to look after, and I won’t do her any good if I am upset. I’m trying to be positive.

I have missed out on several opportunities because of this problem. I don’t want to make a fool of myself by crying at camp. What’s your advice on how to handle this situation? — Anxious

Dear Anxious:

Take my friend Garth Algar’s advice and “Live in the Now!” You will kick yourself after if you hampered your own enjoyment and you’ll regret those days and nights you spent crying that you weren’t home. Being homesick is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but don’t let it consume you and get out there and enjoy yourself and make sure your younger sister does too.

You’re almost a young adult, which means soon you’ll be going away to college which is the ultimate sleep-away camp. And completely unlikeĀ Sleepaway Camp, unless there’s a murderer running around…Anyway, these camps are great experiences to prepare you for that, when you will be away at college, and you will meet new people and experience new and exciting things. Get out there!

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