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“Jaw With John” – Stop Toying With My Child

I just had a baby. My mother in-law has already said she will buy us mountains upon mountains of toys. I believe her.

Last Christmas, our niece, who is 4, received nearly 20 toys, including a $500 item, from just my mother-in-law! The child receives gifts from every family member, so it’s not like no one else buys things for her, there is no need to “make up” for gifts she wouldn’t receive.

It’s like this every holiday/birthday. A million toys, too much money spent, while my mother-in-law is behind on her mortgage and repeatedly asks us for help!

I have said to her that at Christmas I don’t want too many toys for my child. I was told how horrible that is of me, how dare I deprive a child of playing and that I’m being selfish. My husband tried backing me up on this, but his mom wouldn’t hear it. We gave her alternatives, like a college fund, to put the money toward, but she says she’ll do whatever she wants.

I flat-out told her if we receive too many toys, they will be donated. Now, she is buying toys for an infant, sometimes multiples because she forgets what she bought!

I am outraged at her behavior and her blatant disrespect for our wishes. She is lonely and none of her kids can seem to rein her in. I do not know what to do anymore. — Enough Toys

Dear Enough:

Your mother-in-law just wants your child to be happy and have fun, but it seems like she’s going overboard.

She’s clearly not getting your hint/direct message that she’s giving too many toys to your child. The fact that she doesn’t remember what she gave your child is probably due to the fact that she’s buying so many damn toys!

If she continues to give you toys and won’t put money, that would’ve spent on those toys, into a college fund (which would be smarter) then why don’t YOU take the toys you don’t want/need and choose the ones you want to donate and then you can sell the rest and use that money for a college fund.

If your mother-in-law becomes outraged by this, then maybe she’ll finally get the message and follow your wishes.

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