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“Jaw With John” – Taking Care of Dog Business

My husband and I have lived in our current house for many years.

The retired couple across the street bought a darling puppy about 15 months ago. Their yard, landscaping and lawn are incredibly beautiful. The neighbor keeps it looking like a golf course. (The rest of the neighborhood is a lot more casual.)

He started walking his puppy across the street to our strip of grass below a hedge at the end of our yard. He and the puppy would walk back and forth a number of times and then return back home. He is actually using our lawn strip for a doggy potty!

He collects the droppings and takes them away, but now other leashed dogs become interested in the same area of our lawn. They sniff around and many spray and leave their own scent, drawing yet more dogs.

How can I approach this without stuttering or hurting feelings? I have no clue. — Neighbor

Dear Neighbor:

You can put up a sign on your lawn stating these feelings.

But as a dog lover, walker, owner I can tell you that if my dog needs to go on a lawn I let him. I’ll try and obey the signs, if they are up, but if he has to go, he’ll go.

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