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“Jaw With John” – Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill And Jill Kicked Him In The Nuts And Stole His Money And Ran Away, Possibly

My friend “Jack” recently got engaged to “Jill.” Jack and I have been friends literally since before we could walk.

Jill is 26, and this will be her third marriage. Both previous marriages ended with her having affairs. She also has a history of doing drugs and stealing. She has stolen from me, my family and Jack’s family. She has stolen medication, money, you name it.

Jack insists that she is “doing better,” that she has recovered from her mistakes and would never do things like that now. Jill has never apologized for her actions and blames everything she did on her previous husbands.

I worry for Jack but he brushes off my concerns. Jill has made it clear she won’t let me be around Jack unless I allow her to be present. Recently she has started mocking and insulting me.

Should I keep trying to express my worries that this will only end in tears for my friend, or should I back off, let him do as he wants and prepare to help him clean up the mess? — Worried and Wounded

Dear Worried:

You know what they say: Third time’s a charm!

Jack is a Grown Ass Man. He can handle himself juuuuuuuust fine. As for Jill, time will tell if she has learned the error of her ways or if she is just a sociopathic leech. You need to step back and let Jack figure this one out on his own. If he gets burned, then so be it.

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“Jaw With John” – Paper Purloiner Has No Shame

My husband and I have the newspaper delivered to our condo building each day, but we have noticed that if we don’t retrieve it from the lobby by about 8:30 a.m., it’s already gone.

We think that other condo owners take our paper. It would be annoying under any circumstance, but in this high-end building, all the unit owners are well heeled and can easily afford their own subscription.

It seems the height of pettiness to pinch someone else’s paper, and I would like to bring it up at a board meeting in a respectful way (just stating that we notice our paper is gone before we get to it, does anyone know why, does anyone else have the problem, and so on) but my husband says doing so won’t change anyone’s behavior; they will do what they will do.

I say that it’s a cop-out not to call this to the attention of the condo owners in the hope that the possible culprit/culprits may feel at least a little ashamed, whether they stop doing it or not. What is your take on this? — Miffed

Dear Miffed:

This is just not cool. Straight up. Here’s what you should do, before you go to the condo board meeting, have a stake out! Watch your paper for a few days in a row and see who is taking it. Then a few days down the line, when the thief shows up to take the paper again, BOOM you caught ’em in the act! They’ll deny it but then you can provide evidence countering their argument. You can then take that to the condo board if they don’t fess up – essentially blackmail – but at this point you are beyond half measures. It’s time for full measures.

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