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“Jaw With John” – Thanks But I Didn’t Get You That…

We received a very nice thank-you note from a bride whose wedding we attended — but she thanked us for the wrong gift!

What should we do? — Confused

Dear Confused:

Why is this so hard to figure out?

Common sense dictates that you should write her back – any way you can whether it’s by text, email, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, whatever – and tell her that you’re glad she enjoyed the gift but that there seems to be a mix up and inform her of the gift you actually gave her. It’s an honest mistake given the amount of gifts she’s probably received and subsequent cards she’s written.

It’s an easy fix, why are you making it so hard???

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“Jaw With John” – You Got Shafted

In an attempt to beautify her neighborhood, a popular blogger asked her followers for money to repaint a community fence.

Anyone who donated $400 would be entitled to an hour’s “face time” with the blogger on Skype.

Being lonely and in need of someone to talk to, I took her up on the offer. I made the donation, and we set a day and time for our chat, but she stood me up and subsequently ignored me.

After several weeks, I sent her several strongly worded (yet civil) emails in which I expressed my mounting displeasure. Apparently unhappy with being taken to task, she announced that she had no intention of Skyping with me.

She never expressed any remorse or responsibility, never asked if there was anything she could do to make up for it — and never offered to refund the money.

My question is, would it be wrong to ask for my $400 back? It was a straight-up quid pro quo agreement. I upheld my end but she failed to uphold hers.

I want to do the right thing but I don’t like getting shafted either. I’d really appreciate your input. — Mr. Conflicted

Dear Conflicted:

This is a classic ladyboy switcheroo. Where you went to pay for a “fun time” with a woman only to find that it’s actually a ladyboy. You know, man parts below, lady parts on top…In any case, you went in expecting one thing and in turn got something you didn’t want.

For $400 you could’ve, LITERALLY, paid an actual escort to spend time with you (and not have anything sexual happen). Instead, you’re $400 in the hole and the person you gave it to screwed you over and won’t make amends. Which totally sucks. She needs to give you your money back!

You said you’re so lonely so why don’t you do something about it and get out there and make some friends? Maybe that’s why this person didn’t want to Skype with you in the first place. Loners aren’t exactly the people other people want to be around. Work on your people skills. Meetup.com is a great place to start and meet people with similar interests.


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“Jaw With John” – Ah, Adults Acting Like Children — It Must Be Christmas

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year. We feel like we are very serious about one another. His older siblings and their spouses do a long-distance gift exchange each year. It originally started out at $50, but last year it increased to $100. Each person sends his/her gift requests to everyone in the group and names are pulled at random and secretly assigned by one sibling’s secretary.

These gifts are then purchased and sent to the respective recipient and then we Skype one another on a certain date/time and open the gifts “together.” It seems foolish and materialistic to me.

My boyfriend included me in his family’s gift exchange plans without consulting me first. I reluctantly agreed to it. I tried asking my boyfriend to negotiate a better price point, but he said if I didn’t want to participate I could back out.

I have only met these family members once. Part of me wants to suggest nonprofit organizations they could donate to on my behalf, but I don’t want to make any enemies

How do I walk this line? — Tightrope Walker

Dear Walker:

Your boyfriend’s family needs to rethink this whole “Secret Santa” deal. What’s the point in giving a list to people with things that you want and then getting them those gifts? This sounds very needy of them. They send a list of things they want and then someone is tasked with going out and getting said things??? I don’t like it. It sounds very childish.

You don’t want to make enemies, but you clearly don’t like anything that this gift group – that you were roped into – is doing. As I’ve done Secret Santa, you are assigned a person and then you buy them a gift or gifts, all the while staying under a dollar amount. Suggest this and if they balk send them your charity list. Or just get out entirely.

I don’t care for the Skype date for opening presents. If you’re not there to see them open it in person, they can call you and tell you about it after. This too, seems childish and fosters a “look at me” attitude which, as adults, shouldn’t exist.

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