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“Jaw With John” – Guests Should Remove Thy Shoes

When I was growing up, I was always told to remove my shoes when visiting another person’s house, especially if they have new flooring. Now that I’m an adult and building a new house, I would like to ask people to remove their shoes upon entering my home.

I have young children and expect family with other small kids will visit. I’d like to keep the floors clean and maintain their good condition. Would it be tacky or rude to ask this of visitors? — SHOELESS IN ST. LOUIS

Dear Shoeless,

It’s not tacky.

I deliver catered meals and every so often when I go over to someone’s home I look down at the client’s feet and see that they are in their socks. I ask them if I should remove my shoes before coming in and then I’ll go about my work with or without shoes on.

If you make it obvious with a sign, and shoes by the door, then it should be easy for guests to follow. I remember when I was in Japan a few years ago I knew that at some places I’d have to remove my shoes before entering and they provided slippers or shoe covers which is also something you can look into.

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