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This place is crazy. Crazy busy and crazy confusing.

The second night in Japan my friend Sean and I met up with a Japanese friend, Ryoji, who is a good friend of an old friend of mine back in the USA. He suggested meeting in Shibuya, even though he said he hated that station and that part of town. After arriving there, we could see why. We were tasked with finding a numbered exit at the Shibuya Station where we would meet up and go out from there. We followed signs, even though the led us in a different direction and ended up walking back and forth through the station a couple of times before I messaged him to come and find us. We stayed put and were found within minutes.


Shibuya Crossing

Walking though the station there is a wall of glass that allows you to peek out and view the famous Shibuya Crossing (above) and witness the madness that ensues when the walk signal turns on. Once street level we walked around a bit taking in the surrounding area while we searched for somewhere to eat and, of course, drink. We crossed through the busy crossing and I kept my camera in my pocket because I was wary of being run into and being THAT guy who stops in the middle of Shibuya Crossing. I mean, I already stood out enough and I didn’t want to draw any negative attention to me so in my pocket it stayed.

We find some place that apparently had a good deal on all-you-can-drink beer for 1 hour and sit down and eat … and drink. I am HORRIBLE with chopsticks but after about seven or eight Asahi’s I think I was doing OK and was mastering the eating utensil. There were some adventurous food choices that we ate. Some good (beef tongue) and some not so good (chicken kidney) but I tried it and have lived to tell the tale.

After dinner was over we met up with a friend of Ryoji’s who just got off work and she was hungry so we went to a diner about a block away from where we just ate and, well, ate and drank some more. By this point I was a chopstick master, at least that’s how it looked from my perspective. I was picking up and eating food with ease. It was great. Then, out of nowhere, it was 3AM and that meant that it was time to head back to the hotel. With the Metro closed we decided to walk back since it wasn’t that long of a walk and it was probably better for us anyway.

Walking in the dead of night through a foreign country probably sounds like a very bad idea but Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world, something Ryoji told me as we walked around Shibuya, and it felt good to walk around and see the city in a different way. The highlight of the walk was when we stumbled upon some Akira artwork. I have no idea why it was there but it was cool. After taking a few photos we made it back to our hotel. I have no idea how long it took, but we got there in one piece so that’s OK with me.



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