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Brisbane’s South Bank

I am redirecting back to my original idea of going through my Australia travels in 2007.

Every Tuesday was a free day in Australia. For me, anyway. My class schedule at uni just worked out so that every single Tuesday I had to day to myself. Where I could do whatever I wanted. Most of the morning was spent running along the Brisbane river, then doing schoolwork and then whatever else I wanted. Which got me thinking: What is there to do in Brisbane?

So I started to venture out and see. Not only on Tuesdays but on the weekend too.

Immediately, I found myself getting off at the South Bank CityCat stop and exploring the South Bank Parklands. Mainly because it was just the second stop from my apartment, but also because it was gorgeous to look at from the ferry.



I’ll be honest, what originally brought me there was the movie theatre, the Cineplex, (where I would end up spending most of my Tuesdays, I mean how could I not?) but after a movie was over I would wander around through the gardens, by the closed water park, and along the riverwalk. It was a nice way to unwind after a movie and stretch my legs and possibly grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants at the plaza food court before I would head home.

IMG_0514 IMG_0513

At the South end of the Parklands is the Queensland Maritime Museum. That is where I saw these two ships dry docked:


And at the North end is the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Center) where you can see musicals, plays, and ballet and classical music performances. Next to that building, and connected to it by a bridge, is the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre where they hold rotating exhibits and hands on science experiences. When I was there, 2007 was the year of the surf lifesaver and the halls were filled with vintage surfboards and other related materials the detailed the history and dedication of the surf lifesavers as they ensure our safety in the water.

IMG_0499 IMG_0493

**If you’re reading this and are planning out your Brisbane visit keep in mind that I was there 7 years ago so things might have changed – and I’m sure they have.**


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