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“Jaw With John” – Polly Wants A Sugar Daddy

My friend, “Dave,” has been dating his girlfriend “Polly” for more than a year. When I was visiting, I asked her why there was half-eaten food everywhere, and she said, “Oh, I’ll just leave that for Dave to clean up.” At this point Dave was working 35 hours a week, plus college, while she, fresh out of high school, had no job or obligations of any kind.

When I talked to Dave about this, he said that things would change when they officially moved in together. Guess what — nothing has changed. She works part time and Dave is working nonstop. I told him he needs a helpful partner, and now is the time for Polly to start growing up.

He said he’s afraid to have that conversation with her because he doesn’t want her to get mad. I’ve wondered if I should speak directly to her.

I think she’s suffering from Princess Syndrome. He’s killing himself trying to provide for her and she, seemingly, will not lift a finger.

I’m worried for my friend. He used to be so adventurous, but now he’s just overwhelmed and tired. I’ve tried to talk to him, but the boy is too love-struck to see sense. Is there anything I can do for him at this point? — Worried Pal”

Dear Worried,


Leaving half-eaten food out for hours at a time waiting for it to be picked up by someone else when it could easily be picked up by the person who left the food is gross. Gross gross gross.

She’s “fresh out of high school” and that might be a key factor here. Maybe she’s not used to having to be responsible for her own actions. Now that she’s with Dave, Polly thinks that he will be her new cleaner/maid/Sugar Daddy. A true Princess.

The bad news – or maybe it’s good news – is that your friend is aware of the situation. At some point it may get too much for him to deal with and that feeling of being “love sick” might be cured and he’ll tell her how he really feels about the food situation.

You’ve done what you can and should not confront her. So, you continue to do you and be his friend because he’ll need you.

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“Jaw With John” – Dog Is All Bark

I live in a condo with six other units. The walls and floors are very well-insulated, but definitely not soundproof. We recently adopted a dog, “Princess,” from a family friend.

Princess is still young (two years old) and she’s a sweet dog who is (mostly) wonderful when we are home. If we are around, she’s extremely quiet and doesn’t bark at the other pets in the house or even when visitors come to the door.

Recently I left Princess alone. The next day my neighbor below told me that the dog barked for almost three hours. I apologized profusely and she assured me that it wasn’t a problem for her. Since Princess is kennel-trained, I thought that kenneling her when we are gone would solve the problem.

Two weeks later I learned that the dog continues to bark when she’s alone (albeit for a shorter period of time). Again I apologized and promised to work on training.

However, training will take some time. No other neighbors have complained but Princess is a rather large dog with a ferocious-sounding bark and (although she’s not) she looks like a restricted breed.

On one hand, I want to leave notes for my other neighbors apologizing for the noise (assuming they hear her) and asking for their patience. On the other hand, I worry that someone will use it against me and complain to animal control (or the authorities).

What would you do? If I leave a note, do you have suggested wording? — Puppy Parents

Dear Parents:

It’s only a problem if more people complain. There’s no need to preempt a complaint with a conciliatory note because who knows if your neighbors actually hear your dog? Also, if I were to hear a dog barking for a long period of time I wouldn’t think that the dog was in a bad home. I would think that the dog was lonely and/or missed you.

When I was training my chocolate lab, who is now 9 months old, I would put him in his crate and then just go outside and read for a few hours. I would hear him cry and moan but I knew that eventually he would tire out and calm down. Little by little the crying and barking waned and now he doesn’t bark when I am gone. It’s a process. You’ll be fine. It’s all a part of being a dog owner. If your neighbors tell you anything, remind them that you are training her and would ask for their patience.

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