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Dear John: So, You Found A Porno In Your Host’s House

I have had an internship in a new city this summer. My dad’s friend has kindly allowed me to stay in his home while he’s away on a long vacation. He told me I can watch his movies, use his TV, and even have friends visit and sleep on the couch. I am very grateful for his generosity.

He left for his vacation in a rush, and at eye-level, on the DVD shelf, he has a pornographic movie. I have nothing morally against it, but I think it’s something he would be uncomfortable with me seeing.

A friend is coming to visit me next week, and I don’t know what to do about the DVD. What would respect his privacy more: if I don’t touch the film, or if I flip it over to hide the spine?


Dear Surprised Guest,

Are you being serious?

You obviously hide it or conceal the title with other movies. I really don’t get why this is so hard.

That’s what she said.

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