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“Jaw With John” – Mom’s Crying Over Free Babysitting, What???

We live down the street from my boyfriend’s mother. Our 3-year-old daughter spends a few hours there while I’m at work and her dad is running errands. My daughter loves her grandparents, so I don’t mind her spending time with them.

The problem I have is, my boyfriend’s mother repeats everything I say to my daughter right after I say it when I ask her to do something! It drives me crazy. My boyfriend tells me to say something to her, but I have no idea what to say. Please help. — ECHOED IN ALASKA

Dear Echoed,

This sounds like crocodile tears.

You’re complaining about your grandmother providing FREE babysitting…c’mon bruh! She is clearly echoing your sentiments (BECAUSE SHE AGREES WITH YOU!) and trying to teach your daughter what is appropriate behavior. She’s also three…so she’s talking to a 3-year-old…keep that in mind too.

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“Jaw With John” – Teen Is Never Fully Dressed, But Still Has A Smile

I am the father of a 19-year-old daughter. She is a great kid, smart, stays out of trouble and has lots of friends. The problem is that she likes to run around the house in her underwear.

I will come home from work and she will be sitting in front of the TV with just a T-shirt and underwear on or come out of the shower with only a towel on her head. She doesn’t do this when we have houseguests. I have asked her to put more clothes on, but she just tells me not to be so stuffy. My wife thinks this is just a passing phase.

What do you think? — Confused Father

Dear Confused:

This is weird. Considering that you are her father and she’s a legal adult walking around half naked or full on naked that’s very weird and unnerving. You’ve got to fight fire with fire here Dad. I wouldn’t walk around naked because no sane child wants to see their parent naked and no sane parent wants to see their child naked. This isn’t Taboo. Parade around in your boxers and shove it right in her face. If she asks you to put on some clothes you can tell her that’s how you feel when she does it. If she says nothing…welp, you’ve got a bigger problem.

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