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“Jaw With John” – Wife Has A Funny View On Being Unfaithful

My wife of 10 years dropped a bomb on me last night. She told me that she’s interested in having sexual relations with a female friend of hers. She is seeking my approval.

She feels that doing this with someone of the same sex doesn’t constitute being unfaithful. I don’t know if I’m being overly conservative here but I strongly disagree.

I’ve known she was curious for a little while now but I was totally not expecting this.

We have two young children and I’m very worried that her curiosity might put our family at risk. We had a long discussion last night but it seems she’s already made up her mind and won’t reason with me.

Is there anything I could say that would convince her otherwise?

I’m eager for your take on this. — Scared Dad

Dear Scared:

Your wife seems to have a funny view of infidelity. By her reasoning, Luke’s Dad on The O.C. wasn’t being unfaithful because it was with another man. Fuzzy logic.

She seems pretty determined and there are no words I can put together that would help you convince her otherwise.

The smart ass in me is suggesting you tell her that since you are not attracted to other men that you would like to be with another woman if she gets to. That would definitely rile her up and maybe expose her to the idea that this is truly dumb and sophomoric.

The realist in me says to seek counseling and explore these thoughts and desires with a professional and maybe then she will see the error in her thinking.

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“Jaw With John” – Don’t Believe In Any Of This Fate Crap

‘Bart’ and I dated in high school. After graduation we went our separate ways. We each married and had children. Eventually we both got divorced and started to date each other again.

A couple of years later we lost contact because we moved to different states. He got married again and it did not work out so he divorced. We did not see each other for two more years.

A couple of months ago we searched for each other and finally met up again. We are both 54 years old.

I am still single but he is seeing a girl on and off. He said she was there for him when he was going through his nasty divorce.

This other girl is separated from her husband (but not divorced). It is now three times that he and I lost contact and were able to find each other again.

Now we are back in each other’s arms. I told him I want someone who is not seeing anyone else. He said he is not going to marry this girl or even live with her, but he can’t just walk away. Now he is seeing both of us.

I want to call it a day and walk away but he said we are destined to be together. I can’t get him off my mind.

Please tell me what to do! — Helpless

Dear Helpless:

If this were a John Cusack movie I would tell you that this is destiny. But it’s not. This is real life. And in real life there is no destiny, only coincidences.

Didn’t you watch The Matrix?

You’re in control of your own life and not some mystical force. Bart is on his own path as well and you need to let him go. Call it a day. Don’t be the “Other Woman” here and live your life.

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“Jaw With John” – Unfaithful Roommate Has Made His Bed

I recently found out that my roommate cheated on his girlfriend with one of our co-workers. He did this two times!

When I confronted him about his unfaithfulness he was honest and forthcoming. He also told his girlfriend (who lives in another country) and she decided to stay with him and work things out.

However, he still hangs out with the “other woman” on a one-on-one basis and she comes over to the apartment and lies on his bed with him.

I told him this is wrong and unfair to his girlfriend. I don’t want to keep challenging him on this, but I’m not sure what else I can do. — Trying to Stay Loyal

Dear Loyal:

He’s not going to change so why waste your breath? Let him reap what he sows when and if his actual girlfriend returns. You’ve done the honorable thing already in confronting him yet he has kept on doing what he’s been doing. Stop trying.

You can always give this “other woman” the stink eye or glare at her whenever she is over. You could try that…but that’s not going to change anything. She’s just as bad as he is. He’s living in a burning house but hasn’t smelled the smoke or felt the heat. He’s oblivious and should be left to burn.

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