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“Jaw With John” – Gym Routine Thrown For A Loop: How To Deal

“For the past five years, I have been using the (very small!) exercise room in my apartment complex every day after work. It’s an important part of my routine. A couple of weeks ago, a new girl started coming into the exercise room shortly after I start my workout (it’s a little crowded, but no problem).

Last week, she started coming in just a few minutes before I get there. She puts her TV show on (very loudly), uses the machine I always use, and when I walk in at my usual time, I must use an old machine I don’t like and watch her horrible show.

I have lived here longer and feel I have earned my time in the gym, and she is being sneaky by coming in just before I do. I cannot come in earlier since I get there as soon as I get off work.

I’m tempted to exert my seniority! I feel wronged, even though I know it’s not my personal gym. Is there anything I can do when I feel snubbed like this? — Worked Up (Not Out) In Ohio

Dear Worked Up,

I’ll refer you to the adage of “First Come, First Served”. Meaning, obviously, that whoever gets there first gets to decide what machine they use and what is watched on the TV. Get there earlier and you’ll be able to work out how you want. Or go at a different time altogether! Otherwise, you’re SOL and need to suck it up.

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“Jaw With John” – Mom’s Losing Sleep Over Carpool When There’s No Need

I have been carpooling with another mom for about a year. I pick her kids up from the bus stop and take them home. We help each other out, but I do most of the carpooling because of “Kathy’s” work schedule.

Because my daughter “Chris” turned 16, she will be driving to school once the weather improves. I told Kathy we have to discuss the carpool situation. By law, Chris will be allowed to have only one non-family member in the car. She cannot take Kathy’s daughter to and from school because Chris will be taking her best friend.

I feel terrible about it. I am a rule follower and don’t want to put my daughter in an illegal situation. I believe I have given Kathy plenty of time to figure another way home for her daughter. I’m not sure why I feel so bad and am losing sleep over this. Am I wrong? — Carpooling In Ohio

Dear Carpooling,

The universe tends to unfold as it should.” – Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

You’ve given notice to Kathy and she will adjust. This is not the end of the world. I am sure that in the future, Chris will be able to pick up Kathy’s daughter on random days when her best friend isn’t a passenger. Get some sleep, you look tired.

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