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“Jaw With John” – Marcellus Wallace Has Some Words For You

Recently my good friend’s daughter and her husband had a baby who needed medical attention. They have hosted several in-person fundraisers, as well as ongoing online fundraisers.

Both parents have jobs that provide good insurance. I recently found out this young family is using funds to pay their rent and buy new and expensive things — all unrelated to their child.

I find this heartbreaking to everyone concerned. Their child is scheduled to leave the hospital now, yet nothing has been updated online and the fundraising continues. After hearing this (verified) information I do not want to participate. What now? — Disheartened

Dear Disheartened:

I would argue that paying rent is related to their child. But that’s just semantics.

As for “What now? Let me tell you what now. I’m gonna call a couple of hard, pipe-hittin’ –” wait, never mind, that Marcellus Wallace quote doesn’t really apply here so I’ll cut to the chase.

Don’t give them money. That’s what you do now.

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“Jaw With John” – Auntie’s Offspring Have Been Busy

At 88 years of age, I am the last remaining child of a family of nine children. My health is fair, and my income is sufficient.

My problem is that I have 35 nieces and nephews (all in another state) who are starting to marry. They are kindly extending invitations to me. I have sent a financial gift to four weddings, but if I continue at this pace I’ll be broke.

How do I stop this “graciously”? They do love their aunt. — Auntie Em, The Great

Dear Auntie:

35!? Daaaaaaaayummmmm, your family knows how to procreate. I’d suggest finding the cheapest thing on their registry and buying that OR just giving them a memento from your family. And if they just want money tell them that the way that you’re gifting money that you’ll have to move in with them at some point. That will give them a good scare and let them know that you can’t give them money anymore.

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“Jaw With John” – Money Talks, And So Does His Brother

Both my brother and I are in our early 60s. My brother “Sam” is retired but has a wife who still works and makes outstanding money.

Sam continually lectures family members and friends about how much money he has and how they should follow his advice in investing their money. He brags and tells everyone in the family how they should be living their lives.

His arrogance drives everyone crazy! I told him many times that I do not want his financial advice. I tracked all of his financial advice and finally sat him down. I showed him mathematically that if I had followed his advice over the past several years that my wife and I would have lost almost all our life’s savings.

I also told him that family members and friends think he is very arrogant. He started screaming at me, told me that he did not believe a word I said, and ran out of the room.

I haven’t heard from him in several years. He will not answer any of my correspondence. What’s the best way to make him understand that he cannot continue to behave this way? — Concerned Brother

Dear Brother:

Did he really run out of the room? Because that would be pretty damn dramatic.

Is he really that rich? I imagine your brother walking around in a pin striped suit, slicked back hair, cigar in hand constantly saying “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” Or telling you as you pick up your cup of coffee in the morning, “Put that coffee down. Coffee’s for closers only.” But reality never lives up to your imagination…

Tracking down your brother’s past advice and telling him that he was wrong is kind of a dick move on your part. Sure he was wrong, but you didn’t have to do that to him to let him know he was wrong. You wasted a lot of time proving he was wrong and what did that accomplish? You’ve now made an enemy of your brother.

How is he making his money anyway? Perhaps you should just do as he does and not as he says. But this guy sounds like a prick, so don’t encourage him. Ultimately, the best way of dealing with people as loud as your brother is to calmly tell him “Sam, I appreciate your advice but I have my own financial plan that I am following.”

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“Jaw With John” – Stop Toying With My Child

I just had a baby. My mother in-law has already said she will buy us mountains upon mountains of toys. I believe her.

Last Christmas, our niece, who is 4, received nearly 20 toys, including a $500 item, from just my mother-in-law! The child receives gifts from every family member, so it’s not like no one else buys things for her, there is no need to “make up” for gifts she wouldn’t receive.

It’s like this every holiday/birthday. A million toys, too much money spent, while my mother-in-law is behind on her mortgage and repeatedly asks us for help!

I have said to her that at Christmas I don’t want too many toys for my child. I was told how horrible that is of me, how dare I deprive a child of playing and that I’m being selfish. My husband tried backing me up on this, but his mom wouldn’t hear it. We gave her alternatives, like a college fund, to put the money toward, but she says she’ll do whatever she wants.

I flat-out told her if we receive too many toys, they will be donated. Now, she is buying toys for an infant, sometimes multiples because she forgets what she bought!

I am outraged at her behavior and her blatant disrespect for our wishes. She is lonely and none of her kids can seem to rein her in. I do not know what to do anymore. — Enough Toys

Dear Enough:

Your mother-in-law just wants your child to be happy and have fun, but it seems like she’s going overboard.

She’s clearly not getting your hint/direct message that she’s giving too many toys to your child. The fact that she doesn’t remember what she gave your child is probably due to the fact that she’s buying so many damn toys!

If she continues to give you toys and won’t put money, that would’ve spent on those toys, into a college fund (which would be smarter) then why don’t YOU take the toys you don’t want/need and choose the ones you want to donate and then you can sell the rest and use that money for a college fund.

If your mother-in-law becomes outraged by this, then maybe she’ll finally get the message and follow your wishes.

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