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“Jaw With John” – One Ring To Rule Them All?

My husband and I have been arguing about this for the past year.

I picked out my engagement ring and wedding band before my husband ever asked me to marry him. I love my rings and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

While my mom was going through cancer treatments she gave me her wedding set (the diamond is a very old family diamond). I asked my husband if we could get the diamond put into a new setting and wear the new ring with my original wedding band instead of my engagement ring. I was honored that my mom entrusted me with her wedding set (since my parents are still married) and since the diamond is a family diamond I would love to be able to wear it instead of hiding it away in a jewelry box.

I believe that by still wearing my wedding band with the new ring it is a good compromise. I’ll be wearing what my husband put on my finger when we got married as well as wearing an old family stone.

My husband thinks that because I asked to do this that I don’t like my rings anymore or that they don’t mean anything to me. — Ringed Out

Dear Ringed:

The ring is yours. Your own. Your precious.

Take a gander at that Boromir quote above. “It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.” Never has that been more accurate outside of the Lord of the Rings books & movies than now. You are suffering with your husband over such a small thing that surely there can be a compromise.

Perhaps you can combine the two engagement rings and create something that is part old family and your new family. Bridge the two new families into an infinite circle that you would wear daily.

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