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“Jaw With John” – I Don’t Care Who You Have A Crush On, Seriously

Why is it that when adults are trying to get to know my children, the first thing they want to know is who they have a crush on? Not only is that an extremely personal question, it’s also the least significant part of their lives and not something I want them to dwell on.

Ask instead what their favorite subject is, if they read a book recently they enjoyed, what kinds of activities they participate in or clubs they belong to. Please stop telling them that “surely some cute little kid” must have caught their eye. — Wise One In Virginia

Dear Wise One,

This question used to annoy me as a child. Really? You care who a 7-year-old might have a crush on? Live your own life and leave me alone!

Even as a teenager I would get the “Oh, do you have a girlfriend???” and when I would reply with a “No” they would lament the fact that “someone so handsome” was not taken…ugh! Gag me with a spoon.

I would long for the questions about what I was up to outside of school or, HELL, I’d answer questions about what I was up to IN school before I would willingly answer questions about who I had a crush on!

In today’s world I often jokingly break the ice with a group of people with a “Soooooo, who does everyone like???” but only in jest. I’m too old for that shit. So should these parents.

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