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“Jaw With John” – Close Friends’ Ex Ain’t Gon’ Give It To Her, Happiness That Is

My close friend has recently moved to another state to start a new life and “experience better prospects” romantically.

After one week, she’s informed me that she is romantically communicating with her ex again via text. He is married with three children and happens to live in this new city where she has moved. While she knows that I don’t approve of the relationship because it will never lead to a happy and fulfilling life for her, I understand that she has moved to a new city with no other girlfriends to talk to and bounce things off of.

Do I just patiently listen to her romantic tales while I know this is just one more round on the emotional carousel, or should I be honest and tell her these conversations make me feel bad and they’re exhausting? It kills me to see her doing this again. She could do so much better. — Disenchanted Optimist

Dear Disenchanted:

“Happens to live in this new city where she moved”? Yeah, and my girlfriend is Jennifer Lawrence.

You need to tell her that her ex is just that, her ex. No more pussyfooting around. She needs to hear that and then move on and actually pursue better, and actually available, romantic prospects.

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“Jaw With John” – Online Dating Keeps Giving Him 404 Error

Why do so many women play games on these dating sites? I have to laugh when I read their profiles and they say, “I’m real!”

Why lie? You have to be completely honest. Why do all the women go for the Tom Cruises and the Brad Pitts of the world? They pass up good guys! — A Good Guy

Dear Good Guy:

You laugh when they say “I’m real”. I laugh when I see things like “I love traveling”, “I’m easy-going” “I’m really down to Earth” or “I like guys taller than 6 feet.” Saying “I’m real” is the equivalent of those first three phrases. I have seen those words on profiles from Match to Tinder to OK Cupid. And I laugh at the first three because they are so generic and reveal nothing about the person and in turn makes them even more boring. I laugh at the last one because those women are height supremacists. They are shallow enough to say that they wouldn’t go out with a guy – who might be everything that they’re looking for – because of his height. I have no problem with taller women. It doesn’t matter to me, but some women can’t get past their insecurity of being taller than their man.

I’m not going to lie to you Good Guy, if Brad Pitt came up to me – a straight man – and said “John, let’s get outta here and start our life together” I would definitely think it over. But that’s another story.

Those women who are chasing the unobtainable man are nothing more than a dog chasing cars. They wouldn’t know what to do if they caught it. They tend to pass on the “good guys” because they have this idea of their ideal man. And men do this too. We pine after the Jennifer Lawrence’s and Marion Cotillard’s of the world with no real hope of ever coming in contact with them. Or we have a certain body type or hair color that we find necessary in our partner. It goes both ways.

My advice is to just be yourself and be honest because the women who find you interesting and attractive will find you.

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