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Dear John: Placard Abuse By Friend Irks Her

I have a friend who uses her elderly mother’s handicap placard to park in handicap spots even when her mother is not in the car. My friend is able-bodied. I think this is wrong. Handicap parking spots should be reserved for people who truly need them. When she offers to drive me somewhere, how should I handle it? — UNSURE IN CLEVELAND

Dear Unsure,

It is wrong. It is also illegal. If she offers you a ride somewhere you need to speak up and voice your opinion. Other than that, take public transit (if possible) or use rideshare apps (again, if possible) to reach your destinations. Or, you could just call the police on her – but then that could result in her losing the placard when her mom is the one who actually needs it.

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“Jaw With John” – Nothing Worse Than Adult Bullies

It seems (more and more) that people are forgetting boundaries and simple manners. There seems to be a sense that their own entitlement makes them believe that they are allowed to confront a mother as she is purchasing groceries via the WIC program. Or shame a person who while they don’t appear to be disabled, still requires the use of a handicap tag and parking space.

Oh — and then there is the gem of, “You really shouldn’t be eating that.”

What does one say to intervene in the least confrontational way possible? Or is the answer to mind your own business? — Want to Intervene

Dear Want:

It’s in situations like this where I stare glaringly at people to show my disapproval with their words.

I also find that people who are gung-ho organic or vegan or vegetarian try and force you to change your ways because you eat meat. Spouting out things like “Eating meat is worse for the drought because they have to give the water to the cows.” And I look and go “Yet they also use the water to water the plants that you eat, so what should we eat? Everything needs water!” OK, I’ll be honest, I don’t really say that I just think it. So I avoid the confrontation because they cannot be talked to rationally.

The best thing to do is to be positive. Those people belittling the mother or the handicapped person have no manners. They need to put others down to prop themselves up. This is just another form of bullying and to show that it’s not tolerated comfort the person who is being attacked and let them know it’s OK. Don’t sink to the aggressor’s level and berate them because people like that cannot be reasoned with.

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