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In Brisbane

It’s been called Brisneyland or Bris Vegas on account that it’s a place to party and have a good time. I didn’t know that until I arrived and given the amount of time I spent there, partying, learning, taking in the scenery I feel confident that I can say I agree with those two nicknames. Now, that doesn’t mean that there are rides and attractions all over the city, but there is plenty to do and see that makes the entire city fun and enjoyable – and not just for the adults, for the entire family too.

After a quick flight up from Melbourne, Brisbane was a welcome sight. Firstly, there was a ton of sun and it was much warmer to boot – and this was still July (Winter) but I felt right at home because the weather is so similar to what I experience in California. Secondly, it was just nice to finally be in the city I was going to call home for the next six months.


View from apartment balcony

I was put up in an apartment just off Coronation Drive and it was conveniently located to a shopping centre complete with market, a subway & CityCat ferry terminal, and more importantly the bar/restaurant The Regatta, and a First Choice Liquor, a store similar to the American BevMo or Total Wine & More. I would end up spending many a night at The Regatta, no matter what day of the week it turned out to be. What more could I ask for?


The city close up

This being my introduction into Brisbane I didn’t want to do anything too rash or get lost so with a small group of about four or six, we set about exploring the surrounding area and found that if we wanted to find something relaxing to do after a day at Uni or just on the weekend, we could find it in this area or easily hop on the public transit and go somewhere else. We were situated just on the outskirts of the city to experience the night life, but also far enough away so that we could have some peace and quiet when we wanted. The best of both worlds.

It wasn’t a long flight but it was a quick transition into “OK, I’m here now and tomorrow is when I actually have to do work” because there was an orientation the next day and it was for all international students so we could get our IDs, change any classes on our schedule and other administrative stuff. I didn’t fly to Australia to just party, I was there with a purpose…but partying was part of that.

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