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“Jaw With John” – Needy Nephew Needs Nothing

Our nephew is graduating soon and he has sent family members letters asking for money for a trip he would like to take. His father is a multimillionaire and can more than afford to fund the trip.

I find it very rude. Is our nephew wrong for begging from family?

There have been no discussions whatsoever about gifts — he just slammed the family with this request.

My brother should be ashamed of himself for allowing his son to do this. It would be a little different if he had said, “If anyone is wondering what I might like …” (or something to that effect), instead of just assuming everyone was planning to give him something.

He just said he wanted to go on a trip and asked if we could help. — Frustrated at Brother

Dear Frustrated:

It’s February, how is he “graduating soon”? Most schools graduate in May or June. Also, is he of High School age or College age? Because if he’s trying to bridge the gap between High School and College then he should just be like everyone else and get a Summer job instead of, presumably, wanting to backpack across Europe. If he’s graduating from College then perhaps he has earned a bit of a vacation but he was most definitely wrong for asking for money for a trip outright.

There is no reason to be openly mad at your brother because he has not attached his name to this request. Since you feel strongly about this, tell your nephew “No”. It can be a valuable lesson for him in the future about how to approach asking for things. Or he’ll just run to Daddy Warbucks and get the money from him.

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Living Down Under

Back in 2007 I decided that I needed to expand my horizons and I wanted to travel and study abroad. My heart ultimately settled on the continent/country of Australia. While most of my friends ventured off to Europe with Spain & England & Italy being top destinations, I decided that I wanted to go someplace that was a bit more out of the way but would also be an excellent experience for me. I figured that if I landed anywhere in Europe I could get to other countries in Europe relatively easily by way of a plane, a car or a train.

Australia is not like that.

Australia is an island. A big damn island. A big damn island SO BIG that it was once used as a prison! Why wouldn’t I want to go there?!

The stories that will follow will be my first-hand accounts of what I experienced, felt, and learned from my six month stay Down Under, which also (spoilers!) included a side trip to New Zealand. I aim to provide you with the sights and sounds of each city, beach or town that I visited during my stay and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Stay tuned!

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