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“Jaw With John” – Finally Get Involved Face To Face

We are a group of six women who have been friends (co-workers first) for over 20 years. Some are married, some with grandchildren, and all are retired/semi-retired.

For the last few years, one member of our group has become nearly impossible to reach via phone (no computer/email/cell), and when any of us leaves a voice mail, our calls are seldom returned, with either no reason or some vague or lame excuse (if any) as to why.

She claims her friends are very important, but we are finding that hard to believe. She makes plans with us for lunch, dinner, plays, etc., but often does not show up or calls to say she won’t be joining us. What can we do? — Upset Friends

Dear Upset:

You say she’s a good friend and yet you can’t take the time to actually go over to her home and see her in person? That sounds to me like the best option to see what’s really going on behind closed doors.

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