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“Jaw With John” – Jack & Jill Went Up A Hill & Jack Made Out With Someone Else

My good friend “Jill” has been dating “Jack” for years. Recently, someone (not a close friend) saw Jack making out with another girl. This person told “Mary,” who is Jill’s close friend. Unsure about what to do, Mary talked to her boyfriend, her friends, their boyfriends and her mother.

She eventually confronted Jack and blackmailed him into telling the truth. He did.

Jill was obviously furious, but also extremely embarrassed and disappointed that Mary did not come to her directly and that so many people knew about this private situation.

We’ve all debated this. What should Mary have done? Should she have gone to Jill as soon as she found out? Should she have gone to Jack? Or should she have kept her mouth shut? — Concerned and Confused

Dear Confused:

What have we learned here? Never tell Mary anything! She will tell EVERYONE and blackmail in the process. Mary should’ve gone to Jack as soon as she heard this, found out the full story and then proceeded from there. The fact that she’s her close friend and had to run the story through a chain of people is odd. Now Jack and Jill’s dirty laundry is airing out for everyone to see. It’s like that episode of Mr. Belvedere when Mr. Belvedere’s mother shows up and decides to hang Mrs. Owens unmentionables out on the line to dry and a neighbor sees them and tells her (Mrs. Owens) that he likes her choice in underwear. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did.

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