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“Jaw With John” – Mom’s Losing Sleep Over Carpool When There’s No Need

I have been carpooling with another mom for about a year. I pick her kids up from the bus stop and take them home. We help each other out, but I do most of the carpooling because of “Kathy’s” work schedule.

Because my daughter “Chris” turned 16, she will be driving to school once the weather improves. I told Kathy we have to discuss the carpool situation. By law, Chris will be allowed to have only one non-family member in the car. She cannot take Kathy’s daughter to and from school because Chris will be taking her best friend.

I feel terrible about it. I am a rule follower and don’t want to put my daughter in an illegal situation. I believe I have given Kathy plenty of time to figure another way home for her daughter. I’m not sure why I feel so bad and am losing sleep over this. Am I wrong? — Carpooling In Ohio

Dear Carpooling,

The universe tends to unfold as it should.” – Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

You’ve given notice to Kathy and she will adjust. This is not the end of the world. I am sure that in the future, Chris will be able to pick up Kathy’s daughter on random days when her best friend isn’t a passenger. Get some sleep, you look tired.

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