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“Jaw With John” – Snot Appropriate To Blow Your Nose At The Table

“Could you please explain why so many people blow their noses at the supper table? You would think older folks would know better, but it seems like they are the worst offenders. I see a lot of this in restaurants or the cafeteria. I not only consider it rude but also gross.

Why can’t people excuse themselves from the table and leave the room to do it? I generally go to the ladies room or, if I’m home, go into another room. My mother and brother do this — and it’s disgusting! What is your view on this? Maybe you could teach some of these folks some manners. — Grossed Out In Florida

Dear Grossed Out,

“Supper”?!? C’mon bruh! It’s called dinner!

Yeah, it’s gross. Sometimes you can’t help but blow your nose at the table, like just after a sneeze or if it’s a sneeze with a lil’ snot coming out. But if you can help it, you better take it outside, to the bathroom, or somewhere that’s NOT the dinner/breakfast/lunch table.

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“Jaw With John” – Eating Off The Table? Next Stop Floor!

Recently I met a group of retired women for breakfast at a casual restaurant. One of the women brought her toddler granddaughter. During the meal she let the girl sit on her lap and eat her scrambled egg and pancake off the table. The waitress offered her a dish or clean paper place mat but she refused, saying the girl gets enough germs on her own.

I was disgusted thinking of all the “ugly” germs on the table, but I didn’t say a word. Would I have been overreacting if I had said something? — Lost Appetite

Dear Lost:

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