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Australian Rules

AFL, or Australian Rules Football, is an odd game. To the untrained eye it’s just a bunch of guys running around kicking, catching, passing and punting a ball that looks like a rugby ball. Upon closer inspection it’s an incredibly nuanced game filled with rules about taking too many steps with the ball before bouncing it on the ground, getting a “mark” on a player, and then kicking it through vertical posts (called the goal and behinds) for varying point totals (six and one respectively).

The game is particularly thrilling to watch, especially live, as it is very fast-paced and the players are in top athletic shape as they crash into other players, making spectacular plays on the ball. After the game, they let the fans come down and throw around their own ball on the field! People, young and old alike, are down there tossing the ball around, sending it through the air and having their own bit of fun after they watched their team play. It’s, and this sounds cheesy but it’s true, fun for the whole family.

I recommend checking out some clips on YouTube or go directly to the AFL website to learn more about the game. I’ll leave you with some photos I took at the Gabba watching my Brisbane Lions.








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