“Jaw With John” – College Student To Be Needs A Wake Up Call

My son “Jake” is headed to college in the fall, and I want his last year at home to be memorable and happy. He’s a good student and has been admitted to the college of his choice. The problem is, he can’t wake himself up in the morning. He switches off the alarm and goes back to sleep. I must go up to his room several times to wake him because he won’t get up the first time.

Jake is otherwise independent. He does his own laundry and keeps his room spotless. I’m spending a large part of my savings on his tuition, and I’m worried that unless he can wake himself in the mornings, he won’t get to classes on time.

I have tried talking to him about putting the alarm on “snooze” instead of turning it off, but nothing works. My husband suggests we pour a glass of cold water on Jake’s face 10 minutes after the alarm goes off. Can you help us solve this problem? — UP ALREADY IN NEW JERSEY

Dear Up,

You need to hit the snooze yourself.

He needs to learn to get up on his own. I assume that at this point he drives himself, or is in a carpool, for school, so, if he continually wakes up late and gets to school late then that’s on him. He’ll learn VERY quickly to get up with his alarm. Which will then prepare him for college life and being accountable.

You need to tell him that there isn’t going to be a “wake up call” if he ignores his alarm once he’s away at school anymore. You also need to tell him that this is a huge financial undertaking for you and your husband and he needs to take it seriously.

Listen, in college he might not have any early morning classes. He could very well choose courses that only happen in the late morning/early afternoon. It’s entirely possible that he could still turn off his alarm but still get to class on time. But, that’s probably not going to happen. Everyone has at least one 8am class during their four years. He needs to understand the implications if he does snooze through class.

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