“Jaw With John” – Judge Me By My Size, Do You?

I am a 50-year-old male who has been dating a younger girl (28) for a year now. Everything has been great with her except for one thing. I am a virgin.

We recently discussed having relations and both agree that we want to. There’s just one problem. I have really talked myself up. I lied and told her I am much larger than I actually am. I am terrified she’ll dump me after she sees me. Please give me some advice. — Needs Help Fast

Dear Needs Help,

The wise Master Yoda once said “Size matters not.” He wasn’t only speaking to Luke about how one uses The Force, but now he speaks to you about your penis.

If you’ve been with this younger woman for about a year now then there is clearly something substantial there. Whether or not there is something substantial in between your legs, shouldn’t be an issue. If she has rubbed herself on your legs/crotch at any time during a heightened sexual situation (even though it didn’t get there) I’m sure she’s felt your actual size and knows.


Remember, “Size matters not.” It’s not how large you are but how well you use what you’ve got. You could be packing the next Dirk Diggler-sized member under your pants but if you’re not confident in how you use it/suck at it, then you might as well not have anything going on down there. Even though you’re a virgin, you can still be confident in your abilities by pleasing her and taking things slowly. Be honest with her and let things flow naturally. You’ll be fine!

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