“Jaw With John” – A Brush With A Toothbrush

Where I work, we have several departments, which share a large, public bathroom.

My issue is this: Often, I walk into the bathroom to see a colleague brushing their teeth in one of these public sinks.

I’m guessing the most common reason is to prepare for a dentist appointment, but regardless of the reason, I find it really disgusting and thoughtless of others.

I wash my hands in those sinks, and people think it’s OK to spit their food, saliva and germs into a public sink?

It turns my stomach. I understand wanting clean teeth prior to seeing the dentist, but isn’t this poor (and unsanitary) etiquette? Your thoughts, please. — Disgusted in the Bathroom

Dear Disgusted,

You “wash your hands in those sinks”…what? How do you wash your hands? Are you putting them right up against the porcelain, rubbing them all over the walls of the sink?

If you answered yes to any of those rhetorical questions, then, you have a problem. That’s not how you wash your hands. They should hover over the base of the sink as you scrubs them with soap and water.

Also, people do use the water from the sink to rinse out their mouths so their saliva will get in that sink that way too. Just saying.

Let’s get real here. People got meetings to go to or dentist’s appointments like you suggested. But, is it gross to brush your teeth in an office bathroom? Yes, but that’s on those who brush their teeth. Here’s what you can do: You can run the water for a bit before you wash to rinse out the sink and then wash your hands. Boom. Problem solved.

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