“Jaw With John” – Engaged Friends Are Eager To Get You Married

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. I am 24 and he is 27. We have enjoyable, well-paying careers, own our home and are busy redecorating. We have had a number of friends get engaged within the last year and are planning weddings.

Almost all of these couples feel that because they are engaged, we should be engaged too. Every time I am with any of them, they ask when we are getting married, when he is buying me a ring, etc. Even my single friends and his family have started asking.

Neither of us is in a rush to be married. Our lifestyle is very different than that of our engaged friends. We are not as eager to be married as they are. We can still do all the things we want to do without signing a marriage certificate. What do I say to these people to get them to stop asking? I’ve already tried “We aren’t in a rush,” and it doesn’t work. I don’t feel I owe them a huge explanation. I just want something that may stop the repetition. — Wondering

Dear Wondering:

Tell them, “we will get engaged when we are ready to get engaged.” Then stare blankly at them for five full seconds to physically indicate how done you are with this line of questioning.

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