“Jaw With John” – You’ve Got To Be Sheeting Me

I’m not sure if my question pertains to etiquette or common sense.

We rent out a couple of tourist cabins to visitors to our area. We provide bedding and have the beds made up ahead of time with sheets, blankets and spreads.

It irks me that a fair number of guests sleep on top of the spreads or blankets instead of pulling back the sheets. I’m not sure what they are thinking, but this creates extra laundry and wear on the bed spreads. Do other hosts have the same problem? Should we post a note asking them to please sleep between the sheets? — Cabin Fevered

Dear Fevered:

I sleep on top of blankets and sheets all the time. Sometimes it’s because I’m lazy. Other times it’s because it’s too hot to get under the covers and rather than throw the covers, blankets etc. onto the floor (where they would get dirtier) I sleep on top of them. Your guests might be doing the same.

You can ask them to sleep between the sheets the same way hotels leave placards about towel usage (hang it up for multiple uses; leave it on the floor to be washed). But ultimately it comes down to guest preference in that moment.

How does this create extra laundry? Don’t you take off all of the sheets and bedding and wash them after the guests have left? Or are you implying that you don’t wash every item after a guest leaves? … Now who’s the one with questionable actions???

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