“Jaw With John” – Put Your Behind In The Past

I dated a guy on and off for eight years. After finally breaking things off with him, I have been single now for the last three years.

I have not been on a date for the whole three years that I have been single. I am an attractive woman, but I can’t seem to attract any man since I broke up with my last boyfriend. I also have trust issues I cannot seem to shake off. Please help me control my past. — Wondering Single

Dear Wondering:

“You got to put your behind in the past.” – Pumba

I can’t help you control your past. You need to learn from what happened and move forward. That’s the only way you’ll find someone.

Let me tell you that there’s never been a worse time to be single than right now. Honestly. First of all there are bars and places where you could traditionally meet people that are generally a nightmare and filled with the people with whom you don’t want to have a relationship. Then there are the dating sites and apps that make it easier to find people who don’t like to go to those bars. They will share your common interests but some people just want to chat and never want to meet up. Others will only want friendship from you, leading you on making you believe that you have something special.

It sucks. It truly, utterly sucks.

If there is a silver lining then it is that there are success stories out there. You just need to try other places to meet people.

Ultimately, be confident in yourself and you will attract that guy. Forget all that negativity I just spewed out as I was partially venting my own frustrations and exude confidence. You’ll be set if you do.

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