“Jaw With John” – Couple Acts As One Not Two

I recently went on a weekend getaway/retreat with several co-workers (not officially a work event). I was driving one of the cars, and I brought along a co-worker and her boyfriend.

The trip cost roughly $90 in gas. I would have expected each passenger (myself included) to contribute a third. But my co-worker offered only $45, saying, “There’s our half.”

I try to avoid pettiness, and don’t want to cause a rift with a co-worker over $15 — after all, it’s more about the principle than the money — but I also want to be more aware of what the rules are when splitting costs with a couple. — Not Cheap, Just Curious

Dear Curious:

Lesson learned: you should have set up the details before you left on the trip.

You’re not going to get those $15 back. Let it go and learn from this experience.

BUT, I hate hate hate hate hate it when couples or groups try to do this sort of thing. They think of themselves at JeffAndAmy and not Jeff and Amy. They pay for things as a single entity because they are together. Leaving the third wheel to pay for him/herself. You end up paying more than your fair share or what you actually bought and are left wondering “WTF just happened?!” Establish payment structure up front next time and everything will be butter, aka smooth.

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