“Jaw With John” – Watt’s the Matter With Your Friends … And You

For many years I have been the designated driver for my friends who cannot drive for a number of reasons.

When I drove a gas-guzzling car, they would put something in the kitty for gas when I drove them.

Now that I have an electric car they never offer to help.

On the whole I don’t mind, but when I recently drove a friend around for six days during her vacation, never was a cent (or a meal/wine/etc.) offered to help defray the costs.

How should I respond? — A Bit Disgusted

Dear Disgusted:

“Put something in the kitty”? If was a 12-year-old boy I’d be laughing at how inappropriate that sounds…Since I’m a 28-year-old man…I still laugh at it. Who says things like that?

Watt (see what I did there?) would you have them do? Give you money for your electric bill? I don’t get you electric car people. You ditched the gas-guzzler so you could SAVE money and now that you have an electric car you want them to GIVE you money for driving…? What??? And some places they have charging stations so you’re “filling up” for free! You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

But, and a big J-Lo butt…

I will agree that your friend should have offered to pay for a meal, a drink, hell – even parking would’ve been beneficial and appreciated by you! She’s clearly clueless as to how to act around people.

In the future suggest “Hey guys since I drove, would you mind buying me a burger? Or paying for parking?”

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