“Jaw With John” – There’s A Banshee in the Building

About once a month, my wife and I get together with a group of our friends for dinner. “Vivian” is a girlfriend of “Fred’s” and is a very nice person.

However, Vivian has a very high, loud and screechy voice.

I deliberately try to sit down the table from her, but sometimes this is not possible. I know Fred is aware of how annoying her voice is (his facial expression sometimes gives it away) but I doubt he has said anything to her.

I would like to say something to Fred but my wife told me to hold off. She says it is rude. I simply do not want to attend any other gatherings where Vivian is in attendance.

What do you advise? — Deaf in Maryland

Dear Deaf:


Nah, that’s too easy and extremely passive aggressive.

You can ask Vivian to keep her voice down whenever she talks too loudly. Other than that you just need to suck it up and deal with loud people because they are everywhere.

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