“Jaw With John” – Basket Case

I’m a college student on a campus where bikes are widely used, and I lent my bike to my roommate to use while I was away. She texted me, saying that she just got back to campus from a short break home and realized my bike had been stolen. Eventually she found the bike, but the basket had been removed.

Obviously I’m very glad it was found. Do I have the right to ask her to replace the stolen basket? It wasn’t cheap, and I feel like since it was taken under her watch she should replace it. I don’t want to be petty about it. We’re great roommates. What would be the best way to bring it up? — Conflicted”

Dear Conflicted:

She owes you a new basket plain and simple. The fact that she didn’t already offer to buy you a new one tells me that she doesn’t know she should buy you one.

It’s very simple: you can send her a link to the place where you originally bought the basket or she can buy something similar from Amazon or wherever. As long as you’re happy with the basket choice then all should be golden.

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