“Jaw With John” – Death Becomes Her

My husband’s ex-girlfriend seems to come around when there is a funeral for friends and family — and stays for hours. She hangs with my husband the whole time and talks about the past (she never brings her husband).

I want to tell her at the next funeral not to overstay her welcome.

Should I let it go and continue to humiliate myself over this behavior in front of relatives, or should I do something about it!? I’m sick of being treated like this! — Had It

Dear Had It:

How many people die in your town?!?!?!?

Is this like CSI: where there’s a new body popping up every week? No, it’s not. So CTFO.

It’s a mild inconvenience. She brings up the past because someone from her past – and by connection your husband’s – has passed on. If you don’t like her dredging up the past with your husband then maybe stick by him and guide the conversation in a different direction whenever she brings it up.

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