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“Jaw With John” – Death Becomes Her

My husband’s ex-girlfriend seems to come around when there is a funeral for friends and family — and stays for hours. She hangs with my husband the whole time and talks about the past (she never brings her husband).

I want to tell her at the next funeral not to overstay her welcome.

Should I let it go and continue to humiliate myself over this behavior in front of relatives, or should I do something about it!? I’m sick of being treated like this! — Had It

Dear Had It:

How many people die in your town?!?!?!?

Is this like CSI: where there’s a new body popping up every week? No, it’s not. So CTFO.

It’s a mild inconvenience. She brings up the past because someone from her past – and by connection your husband’s – has passed on. If you don’t like her dredging up the past with your husband then maybe stick by him and guide the conversation in a different direction whenever she brings it up.

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“Jaw With John” – You’ve Never Peed In The Sink?

I walked into the bathroom at 5 a.m. today to find my husband standing in the dark, urinating into the bathroom sink. He said he was “in a hurry.” The toilet was right behind him. He acts like it’s no big deal.

I’ve dropped my pills in the sink and retrieved them; I wash my face in there, etc. Now I don’t even want to use the sink. What can I say to him or what can I do to make him stop? — Revolted

Dear Revolted:

This isn’t a big deal. Trust me.

When I was in college I would often pee in my sink because I didn’t want to walk to the bathroom and deal with the bright hallway lights that would wake me up. I would run the water, pee and then coat the sink with dish soap and then with some Clorox or something similar to cleanse it some more. But never while my roommate was around, because that would be weird.

You do realize that people pee in showers right? Thus, your feet (and maybe your entire body if it’s a tub/shower combo) are, possibly, in some amount of pee…and other bodily fluids too…just saying.

Listen, it’s not something that I would do regularly or actively condone but sometimes it happens. I would only do it if I was in dire straits, super tired or drunk and but I think you only need to worry about it if you catch him doing it regularly. Otherwise, break out the bleach and clean until you feel better. Or have him catch you peeing in the sink and see what happens. He might be impressed.

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“Jaw With John” – Don’t Believe In Any Of This Fate Crap

‘Bart’ and I dated in high school. After graduation we went our separate ways. We each married and had children. Eventually we both got divorced and started to date each other again.

A couple of years later we lost contact because we moved to different states. He got married again and it did not work out so he divorced. We did not see each other for two more years.

A couple of months ago we searched for each other and finally met up again. We are both 54 years old.

I am still single but he is seeing a girl on and off. He said she was there for him when he was going through his nasty divorce.

This other girl is separated from her husband (but not divorced). It is now three times that he and I lost contact and were able to find each other again.

Now we are back in each other’s arms. I told him I want someone who is not seeing anyone else. He said he is not going to marry this girl or even live with her, but he can’t just walk away. Now he is seeing both of us.

I want to call it a day and walk away but he said we are destined to be together. I can’t get him off my mind.

Please tell me what to do! — Helpless

Dear Helpless:

If this were a John Cusack movie I would tell you that this is destiny. But it’s not. This is real life. And in real life there is no destiny, only coincidences.

Didn’t you watch The Matrix?

You’re in control of your own life and not some mystical force. Bart is on his own path as well and you need to let him go. Call it a day. Don’t be the “Other Woman” here and live your life.

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“Jaw With John” – RSVPeeved

My daughter and her boyfriend got married this past weekend. The ceremony was beautiful and they worked very hard to make sure everything was just right. They also paid for the whole thing; though it was a low-key affair, there was still considerable expense.

What shocked me was the number of guests who RSVP’d that they would be attending, but then didn’t show up. This meant that a lot of money was spent on food, beverages and favors that went to waste.

I know sometimes people think, “Well, I’m just one person so it won’t make that much difference,” but if you multiply that by 10 or 20 people, it adds up! I find it incredibly rude and feel that they owe her and her husband an apology.

Outside of calling them out on Facebook or jokingly saying they’ll get a bill for their portion of the food, I know there’s nothing to be done. I just wonder if this is the “new way” and manners just don’t matter anymore. Your thoughts? — Furious

Dear Furious:

I’m sure your daughter knows who did and did not show up so they could be hearing from her if she’s so inclined to do so. But it’s not your arena. You shouldn’t do anything, no matter how rude it is – and it’s very rude. There isn’t a “new way” for manners. Rude is rude.

Sometimes there are genuine last-minute reasons why someone can’t make an event. If that’s the case with some of these then an explanation and apology is simple. But those that just blew off the wedding entirely are the ones you need to look out for and see if they are the type of people wanted at other milestone-type events.

Or, the other way you can look at it is “Hey, look! More food and booze for me!”

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