“Jaw With John” – Gramma Can Only See Color

I am a grandmother, with four beautiful/handsome grandchildren.

Our oldest grandchild is a beautiful, blond, smart 18-year-old girl. We are Caucasian. She is dating an African American and we in the family are disappointed and outraged.

She sees nothing wrong with this. We all have black friends and acquaintances, but dating or marrying African Americans has never crossed our minds.

I know it’s not as taboo as it was years ago, but we just can’t see this happening. We’ve tried telling her it’s not an easy road to travel and that there are consequences with this relationship. Help! She says we are racists. Are we? — Disappointed Gramma

Dear Gramma:

You’re racist.

Those who are outraged are racist.

Plain and simple.

What “consequences” are there with this relationship? I see none. You only see the color of his skin and cling to an outdated notion that people of different races cannot be together. “It’s not as taboo as it was years ago,” because it’s not taboo at all.

You say you have friends and acquaintances who are black but I doubt they’re truly your friends. If they knew how you felt about your granddaughter dating a black man then I’m sure they’d tell you what I already know.

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