“Jaw With John” – Your Husband Is Tobias Funke Now

My husband and I are in our 50s with grown children who are on their own. We are youthful and healthy and, up until recently, our marriage was monogamous. Some time ago, we talked at length about sexual experimentation in the form of “open” marriage.

In fact, my husband was the one who suggested the idea, and we struck a deal. We agreed that if I wanted to get involved with someone else, it would be OK with him and he would feel free to do the same.

Well, I did and he didn’t.

Even though it’s only a once-in-a-while thing for me (with one man), I’m finding it very enjoyable, almost addictive. My husband and I get along well and still share an active sexual life, but he’s feeling slighted because he hasn’t found anyone else, and now he’s pressuring me to end my relationship.

The other man wants to continue, and to be perfectly honest, so do I.

My husband admits that if he also had “something going” right now, he would be OK with my relationship. The only one feeling left out at the moment is the guy who started this whole thing. What should I do? — Part of a Triangle

Dear Part:

I’ll just leave this Tobias Funke moment from Arrested Development here:

And then your husband’s reaction, presumably, to your new found sexual relationship here:

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