“Jaw With John” – GILF Status Unlocked

I am 75 years old — active, attractive and feel like I’m 25.

I’m enrolled at a community college taking courses in ceramics. One of my fellow students has suddenly taken an interest in me. He is a nice guy and we share many interests. The problem is, I am not at all attracted to him. He has indicated he would like to become involved. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I do want him to know that we can never be more than friends. How do I do this diplomatically? — Alive and Kickin’

Dear Kickin’:

Maybe if you tried Ghost-ing with this nice guy you’d change your mind. Unless your ceramics class has a “Zero Ghost Tolerance Policy”.

And if even after Ghost-ing (if allowed) with him you still don’t have feelings for him, then you just need to tell him that you think he’s a nice guy but you don’t like him “that way.” It’ll hurt him a bit, but it will let him down easy.

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