“Jaw With John” – Ditch This Bitch

I have been married for one year. My spouse and I were out of work for about six months. I used my savings and unemployment to pay bills. My spouse hasn’t contributed or tried to get employment.

I started a job immediately when my unemployment ran out. I found out my spouse pawned the wedding ring (a treasured heirloom) to buy a cellphone and make vehicle repairs. I used the last of my savings — set aside for mortgage payment — to get it out of hock.

My wife spends more time with her phone than with me. I said I thought we should get a divorce (due to the betrayal, lying about pawning the ring, and various other untruths) and there was no argument. She said, “If that’s what you want, there is nothing to talk about.”

I know I will be making the right choice to divorce. I am very unhappy in the relationship. I think I am just being used to keep a roof over her head. Please help. — Me or the Phone

Dear Me:

I hope you didn’t “seal the deal”, that way you can get an annulment. But it sounds to me like you did. That’s too bad or else this would be better for you.

You seem to have your mind made up, as does she, so I think there is nothing more for me to do here except to wish you “bonne chance” in your future endeavors!

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