“Jaw With John” – Sugar Addiction Ain’t Sweet

I am a young teen who has a bad addiction to sugar. When I have tea, I put way too much sugar in it. I eat a ton of chocolate.

My parents keep telling me to cut back on the sugar and candy. It’s not because I’m overweight, it’s just because they say it’s really unhealthy.

I hate this part of me, and need to find a way to end my sugar addiction. Any ideas that I can try on my own? — Sugar-crazed

Dear Crazed:

I used to drink quite a bit of soda and then I just quit cold turkey. It wasn’t like I was pounding three cans of Dr. Pepper per meal, but I conscious of my soda drinking habit. Then a few years ago I got back into running and cut out the sugary drink entirely. I knew from my time as a high school cross country runner that carbonated beverages, like soda, would hinder my running and I wanted to be faster/better so the choice was easy.

Candy is another beast entirely. I love candy. I cannot get enough of it even though I know I shouldn’t have too much. It’s not chocolate though, it’s the fruity candy’s like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts etc. that get to me. I tend to go on binges where I’ll pig out on candy and then just find it disgusting and not for me. It’s cyclical.

It’s during these binge moments that I’ve recently been trying to use more self-control. I stare at the colorful packaging and tell myself that I don’t need whatever peach ring or sour gummy bear is in there. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. It’s an ongoing battle. I have realized that it’s OK to have candy every now and then but I am trying to cut back and have it only a few times a month.

Going cold turkey is rough and might not be the best thing for you. Gradually limit the amount of sugar you put into your tea and how much chocolate and candy you eat. Slowly but surely you should reach a point to where a little, or maybe none!, is enough.

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