“Jaw With John” – Delivery Guy Needs To Be Returned To Sender

There is a particular truck driver who delivers to our place of business. He has always been flirty to all the girls, especially with me, even though he has a girlfriend.

He said he would help me find a job as a driver, so he took me out with him on the truck so I could see if I would like it. He said he’d speak with his girlfriend to see if he could give me a refresher course. (I would pay him for this.)

Just before the course started, he told his girlfriend that I just broke up with my loser boyfriend. After that he said he would only help me professionally and that the only woman he is interested in is his girlfriend.

I know I read more into his flirting than I should have, but when someone is that friendly, you don’t know what to think.

Doesn’t he know I broke up with my boyfriend because of him? What should I do now — should I keep chasing him, in the hopes that he will leave her for me? — Undelivered

Dear Undelivered:

You knew he had a girlfriend. You knew he was being flirty and not serious. You knew he flirted with other girls in your office. You knew, you knew, you knew. What did you expect would happen?

You broke up with your boyfriend for a delivery guy? A delivery guy? That’s not a slight toward delivery guys because I was (partially) a delivery guy. Part of the job is to be nice and friendly with everyone, although, not everyone succeeds. You do realize that he does that to every business he visits. What makes you so special?

He’s not going to leave his girlfriend but you need to leave his hip and find someone who is ACTUALLY AVAILABLE!

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