“Jaw With John” – Marcellus Wallace Has Some Words For You

Recently my good friend’s daughter and her husband had a baby who needed medical attention. They have hosted several in-person fundraisers, as well as ongoing online fundraisers.

Both parents have jobs that provide good insurance. I recently found out this young family is using funds to pay their rent and buy new and expensive things — all unrelated to their child.

I find this heartbreaking to everyone concerned. Their child is scheduled to leave the hospital now, yet nothing has been updated online and the fundraising continues. After hearing this (verified) information I do not want to participate. What now? — Disheartened

Dear Disheartened:

I would argue that paying rent is related to their child. But that’s just semantics.

As for “What now? Let me tell you what now. I’m gonna call a couple of hard, pipe-hittin’ –” wait, never mind, that Marcellus Wallace quote doesn’t really apply here so I’ll cut to the chase.

Don’t give them money. That’s what you do now.

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