“Jaw With John” – Take You To Church You’ll Worship Like A Dog

I’m curious to know what you think of someone asking a semi-stranger, “What church do you go to?” or, even worse, “Do you go to church?”

It seems as intrusive as asking “How much do you weigh?” or “How much money do you make?” or “Are your kids gay or straight?”

Maybe churches today are trying to grow their memberships, but the way I was raised, someone’s personal relationship with God was PERSONAL.

I know people like to categorize, but to me the question is rude.

Am I just out of step? — Offended

Dear Offended:

You’re out of step.

Maybe this dude is trying to find a church to attend. Of course churches want to grow their memberships. If they didn’t then they would’ve died out long ago with the people who founded them!

I fail to see how this church question equates to the questions you posed as intrusive. You sound very cloistered in your worship and faith which, let’s face it, is not what being religious and being one with God is all about. It’s about inclusion and learning and growing with others. You’re probably the guy in the last row of the church, tucked alllllllll the way into the corner where no one else is around because you want your space in your church. Newsflash Padre: That’s not very Christian.

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