“Jaw With John” – Click, Click, Boom Unfollow

Three of my Facebook friends are over-the-top animal lovers. They find the worst cases of animal abuse and post pictures of them. I find them shocking (at best).

On numerous occasions these photos show tortured animals. These are truly terrible.

I get it. I know that some animals are abused. I don’t need to see the pictures to be convinced.

Can you suggest how I might encourage these Facebook friends to help these animals without posting pictures?

I would appreciate your help. — Visually Assaulted

Dear Assaulted:

If you don’t like what they post then you can easily just click on the downward-facing arrow in the top right corner of the post and click “Unfollow”. This will allow you to remain friends with this person but you won’t see their posts anymore. These people aren’t going to stop posting things like this and you commenting on their posts asking them to stop will only incite their rage and possibly lead them to call you insensitive to animal cruelty.

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