“Jaw With John” – Call Me, Maybe? Girl, Make It Definitely

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of almost three years. After our breakup, a friend, “Bob,” asked me out.

For the past two weeks, Bob and I have gone out multiple times and talked almost every day. He is very sweet and often compliments me.

We haven’t talked about any potential relationship, but it seems clear that he likes me.

Four days ago Bob and I went to get drinks and the movies, and his sister and her husband came along. I met them for the first time.

We all had a good time and I ended the night by telling Bob to call me when he wanted to see me again, but I haven’t heard from him. Now I am confused. I don’t want to call Bob since I told him to call me, but I’m afraid he will lose interest or think that I am uninterested.

What should I do? I genuinely like him and could see us having a relationship together. Do you think I’m moving too fast? — Single

Dear Single:

If you like him, call or text him. He clearly likes you and the fact that you’re wondering why he hasn’t called you shows you like him too. Maybe he just got busy with work or life in general and has forgotten to call you. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened to someone before. Send him a quick message about the other day and how much fun you had and see what happens. But remember: be cool.

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