“Jaw With John” – Puzzling Situation Is Trivial

I work at a city department with about 20 employees. Our office receives two different newspapers every day and they are put in our lunch/break room for the staff to share. Recently someone has been taking the page with the crossword puzzle and not allowing others to enjoy it.

The problem is that other daily printings are located on the same page and I love reading them daily.

What is the proper protocol for communal newspapers? Should any one person fill out the crossword puzzles or take portions of the paper out of the break room? — Puzzled Reader

Dear Puzzled:

As someone who does the crossword attempts the crossword every morning I feel your pain. As someone who is just reading this as is, I am left thinking that the communal newspapers are first-come-first-served. This is spilled milk you’re crying over here, in all honesty. It’s a puzzle. Your “outrage” is similar to how I can feel when I sit down in an airplane, open their in-flight magazine, and find the crossword has already been done. Then again, I always bring a crossword puzzle book with me in case that happens.

I am sure that you can find the daily puzzle and the other articles online and print it out OR you can help save a dying industry (print media) and subscribe to the paper yourself! It really sounds like it’s just you who is bothered by the disappearing puzzle. If it annoys you that you can’t do the puzzle or read the articles, then you can photocopy the crossword page as soon as the paper arrives and have at it.



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