“Jaw With John” – Upset The Established Order And Everything Becomes Chaos

My fiancee and I have been arguing about a party her mother hosts annually just after the holidays. This gathering is called “The Letter Reading Party.” Guests bring their favorite letters/holiday cards from “friends” who update “friends” with what’s new in their lives. Topics range from children to siblings, parents, family pet, work, etc.

A roomful of people laugh hysterically at other people’s letters — the font size, stationery choice and, most significantly, contents of the letter.

I find this entire party repulsive. I admire and respect many of the people in the room who double over in laughter. My future mother-in-law insists it’s a great reason to get together. However, I think I know how the authors would feel if they knew their personal lives were being trivialized and mocked so openly by one of their “friends.”

Should I continue my crusade to stop this irreverent party on the heels of the feel-good holiday season? — Irreverent and Irritated

Dear Irritated:

I don’t always condone this but I am going to make an exception this time.

I want you to invoke your inner Joker. Heath Ledger Joker that is.

Take their little plan and turn it on itself.

I want you to take one, scratch that – MANY, of their cards to the party and read them aloud in front of them. Disguise it in a way so it looks like someone else’s card and then read their card aloud. Laugh sadistically as you read their words of holiday cheer aloud. Give them a taste of their own medicine. The only way these people will understand the gravity of what they are doing is by shoving it right down their throats.

“[You’re] not a monster. [You’re] just ahead of the curve.”

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